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"Safia Says"

Safsays is born out of deep self discovery. A part of that self discovery is the importance of honouring my own voice and gifts. This is a safe space for my emotions to be expressed, without the need for healing. Although healing is integral, it comes after expression. Expression is unique to all of us, whether it is dancing, singing, making jokes or planting flowers. No form is right or wrong, but all lead to comfort.
Art Therapy...
I have not always known my purpose or what I had to do to align myself to it. I got my Health and Social Care grades in college after dropping out of my original courses on the first year. As university began I realized I didn't know what I wanted to do with the degree I was pursuing and dropped out. After some deep reflection, I not only realized learning was a big part of what bring me joy, I also took a liking to pursuing the career of Art Therapy, hence I am studying again.